How Not to Drown

This fog pierces
like lightning - thick as mud
and hurts like hell.
I joke with my friend,
“Even breakfast is too complicated!”
We laugh.
But the joke is real today, and I
am not laughing anymore.
… Should I go to class?
I wander out the front door
five minutes before Basic Swimming
and drive to the gym.
At least I will not drown
in pool water.
Front crawl.
Back crawl.

At the deep end
I grab the pool edge breathing
heavy and deep, and stare dully
over the watery expanse.
I do not know anything,
or feel anything - except the
searing, mind-numbing reality
of right now.
What else is there?
I have forgotten already.
I begin again the front crawl.
Reminiscent of Dory, the mantra arises,
unbidden -
“Just keep swimming, just
keep swimming, just keep
                     swimming . . .”

One thought on “How Not to Drown

  1. I think I got your point here
    in life we need to keep going
    as in a pool full of water
    we should keep on swimming
    as we don’t want to get drown
    in any way in its meaning
    by moving towards ahead
    in spite of everything in life
    is how we would be winning.


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