A Better Father Speaks

He has hurt you, yes.
I also know this pain.
I have longed for his heart for many years,
before you were born, and then
before your child eyes could see
this gaping wound, your inheritance.
My daughter
you know how I have held you;
I carry him also.
But a man’s life is too heavy
a burden for his child to bear,
please, do not try.
Let Me show you the greatest of miracles.
I will love him as you cannot
now love him yourself -
yes, even with the same gentleness
as that with which I have loved

Hidden Life

“The ocean is a desert with its life underground.”*
Can you see it?
The life I mean, not the desert.
The desert is easy to see, you know,
sand dunes and all that where you’d think
it would be simple enough to die, but
have you tried digging?
There’s water down there,
And where there’s water there’s life
and where there’s life there’s hope,
I’ve heard people say.

            *(First line chosen from lyrics of song by band America, 1971)

Mountain: 2

Yes, I have given -
have you received?
Have you entered this gift
ascended this mountain, grappling
with first one boulder
and then the next, and on and on
until My mountain  
is your mountain too and you can see
all the others I have made, seemingly
unmovable yet not more sure
than My own Word.
My child - have you discovered, that
I am your Mountain to run to.
I am your Rock.